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Leaving politics to polititians? What?

Did I hear right? On an interview on Radio New Zealand National about the appropriateness and possibility of protest by athletes at the Beijing Olympics, NZ distinguished olympian and local body polititian, Dick Quax, reflected on his own experience, and then spoke about expectations of those attending Beijing.

He said (something like), “While they are there they will be concentrating on the sport that they are there for.  … NZ … aren’t sending people to China to protest about what is going on in Tibet … the expectation [of the New Zealand public and those who support the athlete]  will be that they do well at the Olympics.   What I would expect … that they go over there to do their best for their country on the sporting field and leave the polititics to the polititians.”  (emphasis mine)

What a dangerous and odd point of view.

Quite apart from the absurdity of Dick Quax imagining that no part of NZ society expects its representatives at the Olympics to hold and express views critical of the Chinese government in relation to Tibet (and other matters), and quite apart from his implied narrow view of what it would mean to “do well” at the Olympics; Quax seems to be suggesting that politics is not the business of citizens. Continue reading

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