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Education Leaders Forum (part 2)

As I reflect on the Education Leaders’ Forum (ELF) I think that two ways that would enhance the value for the future would be to have more participants from the work-place learning and development sector, and some smarter ways of gathering threads from the structured and unstructured conversations and identifying emergent themes and patterns.

I would love to have tried aspects of the Cognitive Edge approach to sense making. I think it would have served the gathering well, but would have needed to be a design feature from the beginning. Cognitive Edge is a way of working with messy data from narrative and dialogue and working collaboratively to discern patterns and sense.

As for participants from the work-place, we had valuable insights from Ian Olliver from Fulton Hogan and from Pam Blacktopp from AMI, but they were clearly feeling rather swamped by the weight of school focus. However, the value for L & D people from industry would be in hearing the changing approaches and educational methods being used in schools and tertiary institutions, and in having the chance to give feedback about industry needs for and experience of employees they take on as products of the education system. The value to school educators and policy people from greater industry involvement would be in the feedback about how well the education sector is equipping students for employment, and in developing a greater partnership with industry as co-educators. Certainly the point was strongly and well made by Ian and Pam that their firms were seriously in the education field; picking up employees who may lack foundational skills of literacy, numeracy and commitment to learning, and equipping them for particular work.


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